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Divergent Lawin [ 12 5 -3 2 ]

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Lawin means “Eagle.” This high speed driver is designed to have an overstable flight for new players and big distance bomber as disc golfers develop more arm speed. If your max throwing distance with other drivers is in the 250 foot range, the Lawin might be the disc that will help you break the 300 foot throwing barrier. The Lawin has a very pronounced dome which gives this disc extra glide and easy distance.

The Lawin is currently available in MaxGrip and Max Grip Glow plastics.

What is a Lawin? A Philippine Hawk Eagle is the basis behind the name of the Lawin Distance Driver. Lawin means “eagle”. It is known for having long crown feathers, a massive arched beak, and sharp bluish eyes. It is known to be a symbol of strength and bravery.

Flight Ratings 12/6/-3/2