Divergent 8 Disc Family Set

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Our 8 Disc value set is designed to easily bring disc golf to your family or group of friends. Now the entire foursome can have their own disc golf set to use at the disc golf course. This bundle kit includes four different two-disc sets. Each disc golf pair is its own color, so it's easy for new players to remember which disc is theirs.

Included in this kit are 4 Narwhal putt and approach discs and 4 Krakens fairway drivers. The Narwhal is a neutral flying easy-to-throw putt and approach disc designed for beginners. The Kraken is a stable flying fairway driver perfect for curving your way around the obstacles on the disc golf course. Throw it backhand and watch it curve one way. Throw it forehand for the opposite curve.

This affordable package of discs is perfect for the small family or group of friends who want to get some basic discs to start playing disc golf. Our Max Grip plastic is substantially more durable and long-lasting than most beginner sets, and the quality is far better than similar sets found on Amazon and eBay.

Hand a pair of discs to four of your friends and hit the course! These are basic, easy-to-throw discs that are perfect for beginners or young players but also are stable enough for adults.

NOTE: Most packs contain 2 yellow, 2 pink, 2 Orange, and 2 White Discs, but Disc colors may vary.