Divergent Max Performance Golf Set

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Our Max Performance Set is our second Starter Set. It features three discs that will stand out on the disc golf course, providing a combination of easy-to-throw designs and a high level of dependability. While these three discs are also beginner friendly, they are different in flight and feel from our original starter set, making the Max Performance set the perfect option for new players ready to try more discs.

Included in the set are the Nuno putter, the Kapre midrange, and the Basilisk distance driver. The Nuno and Kapre have minimal end-fade for good, straight flight paths. The Basilisk is a true distance driver for beginners. This driver is designed to give players with a max throwing distance of 200 feet an additional 50 feet of distance.

All discs in the set come in our quality Max Grip plastic blend which combines better durability and control than most starter sets on the market. Test out your disc golf abilities with this high-performance set. The discs in this set are going through the PDGA approval process.

NOTE: Disc and stamp colors can vary from the photos.