Gateway Wizard [2 3 0 2]

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The Wizard is our most popular mold. A true, stable workhorse of a putter with little fade and a predictable finish. 


  • Firm: 19-24 lbs of flex
  • Super Soft (SS): 14-18 lbs of flex
  • Super Stupid Soft (SSS): 9-13 lbs of flex
  • Super Stupid Silly Soft (SSSS): 5-8 lbs of flex


Sure Grip "S"
Custom engineered blend of plastic that produces a durable, grippy disc great for both feel & performance!

Evolution (EVO)
Combination of hard & soft-touch polyurethanes that provide the right feel, flex, and shape in each disc! Virtually scratch, chip, and dent proof!

Platinum (P)
A proprietary blend of polyurethanes and polyester polymers. Creates a smooth, glossy disc that feels great and flies brilliantly!

Diamond (D)

A proprietary blend of polymers combined to create a translucent, high performance disc that feels great, maintains its flexibility, and flies smooth as a polished diamond!

Eraser (ER)
A blend of our "S" sure-grip polymers that creates an "eraser" type surface.

Money ($$$)
A blend of our "S" sure-grip polymers, between SS and SSS in flex, with a special additive that gives the surface a shiny, gummy feel.

Organic (O | OG)
A combination of recycled rubbers and renewable resources (corn-based biopolymer) creating an Eco-Friendly product!

Superglow (GLOW)
Glow-in-the-dark material that fluoresces brightly, lasting up to 12 hours!