Innova Whale [ 2 3 0 1 ]

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The Whale is the best combination short drive, accuracy, upshot and putting disc that Innova makes. 

The Innova Whale is a beefy ultra straight flying putt and approach disc that utilizes Innova's new VTech rim, which allow it to hold true for both low and high powered throws.

The Whale is described to have the stability of the big bead Aviar with almost no low speed end of flight fade. Innova recommends this disc for side-arm throws because it is very resistant to turning over.

Diameter: 21.1 cm

Rim Width: 1.0 cm

Available Plastics:

  • GStar: 165-175g
  • Champion: 165-175g
  • XT: 165-175g
  • DX: 150-175g
  • Best Choice for: Driving putter, Headwind approaches, Stable putter

    Date of Approval: 12/07/14